The Services Offered by Pregnancy Termination Clinics in Sydney

Where to get an abortion and what services do they offer?

If you’re thinking about terminating your pregnancy for any reason then a visit to any of the number of pregnancy termination clinics in Sydney ought to be at the top of your list. It’s not only a question of where to get an abortion but more importantly, you’ve got to make sure that you undergo the process as safely and effectively as possible.

Abortion centres can provide you with all the advice and medical care you need in pregnancy termination which is often an extremely difficult situation for most women. Needless to say, you would want all the help you can get and an abortion clinic can certainly offer you plenty.

So what are the services that you can expect out of an abortion clinic?

  • Medical abortion - the termination of pregnancy using specialised medication that are collectively known as abortion pills. Such an option is widely preferred in pregnancy termination although it is only applicable during the first few weeks of pregnancy (up to 8 weeks). Although the method is fairly effective, you’ll often be asked your abortion clinic to sign a document authorising them to perform a follow up surgical operation in case the medication fails.
  • Surgical abortion – the surgical termination of one’s pregnancy, surgical abortion is generally recommended for patients that are on the 2nd trimester of pregnancy (more than 8 weeks). Under this method, the cost of abortion clinics can be significant as it requires a patient to stay at the clinic for awhile but in return you’ll be assured of getting all the medical care your need during and after the operation. Surgical abortion can be described as minimally invasive although it’s still subject to the same risks as any surgical operation and you can expect your doctor to take all necessary precautions to prevent complications including the complete removal of excess tissues which may cause uteral and urinary tract infection.
  • Emergency contraceptives – Also known as the “morning after” pill, emergency contraceptives are a special type of medication available to women that serves to prevent the onset of pregnancy a few hours after unprotected sex. Although fairly effective, such medication must be taken no more than 3 to 5 days after the incident.
  • Counselling services – perhaps the most overlooked services offered by pregnancy termination clinics in Sydney but could easily be the most significant. The decision to undertake abortion can be very emotion to and counselling can help ensure that you’d be able to cope with the decision afterwards.


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